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Calibration & Service

SERVICE ITEMS:  Please complete the form above and include a copy of the confirmation email with the equipment being returned. WARRANTY ITEMS:  Sensors or Product requiring warranty replacement will be evaluated by a Concept Controls Inc Service Technician at no charge. Sensors or Product received and found to be faulty & not covered by the manufacturers warranty; or tested & found to operate within manufacturers specs, will be returned and standard billing charges will apply. Sensors or Product not replaced at the time of Estimate will be subject to the minimum Service department Evaluation charge. CONCEPT CONTROLS INC. DECONTAMINATION INSTRUCTIONS: Concept Controls Inc. is committed to the safety of all its employees who will be handling your equipment. Please decontaminate the items before returning to Concept Controls Inc. At a minimum, please wipe the external case with a soap and water. Instruments must be clean and free of any contaminants which may be from sampling or a sampling site (eg: Dust, Dirt, Asbestos or Fibers, Acids, Solvents, Radioactive and/or Biological Hazards). Please Note: Failure to decontaminate the equipment may result in additional billing charges. Please do not include alcohol or any dangerous goods with your shipment, as they will not be returned.

Our frontline workers were not only protected, but were also learning how to use their PPE in the most effective manner. Using the PortaCount is simply a better way of doing it.

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