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Our Services


Complex systems need a more thorough set up. Concept Controls can help with full start-up and commissioning of your systems. You’ll know every monitor is working flawlessly and communicating to all points in the detection system. This service includes:
  • Completing any programming needed for the controller.
  • Full system calibration and testing.
  • Walking you through all necessary training guidelines and procedures.
  • Don’t take chances. Calibrate your equipment according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. The frequency for calibration and maintenance depends on the equipment and usage.


Get the most out of every piece of equipment with training from Concept Controls. Our certified specialists will help you get started right away with a training program that fits your needs.
  • Team training on how to use the equipment
  • Troubleshooting tools and techniques
  • Maintenance and care
  • Configuration and setup
  • Software upgrades and downloads


Need help getting your new equipment up and running? Concept Controls can help. Contact us today to arrange for installation to get everything up and running:
  • All systems will be mounted to meet the manufacturer’s blueprints or specifications.
  • Our technicians will configure your control panel and provide detailed instructions on how to use it.
  • No need to arrange for an electrician to take care of the wiring – leave it to our technicians.
  • We’ll take care of the initial calibration to make sure all sensors are responding.
  • Our technicians will start up the system and test to make sure everything is working.


Any instrument that measures toxic or combustible gas, needs to be calibrated. These devices protect the safety of workers and anyone who could come in contact with these hazardous gas or material. It’s also the law. It helps to protect your organization against liability if there is an incident, injury, illness or death.
Performing regular calibration and maintenance just makes sense. Don’t take chances. Calibrate your equipment according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. The frequency for calibration and maintenance depends on the equipment and usage.

Make Concept Controls your partner for calibration and maintenance. A quick call is all you need to arrange your calibration service. We’ll direct you to send it to the location closest to you. It takes less than a week for most calibration and maintenance jobs to be turned around. In that time, Concept Controls will:

  • Inspect and clean all parts of the instrument.
  • Update any firmware.
  • Test all sensors and replace all filters.
  • Provide a full evaluation and advise if any repairs are needed or if it’s time for a replacement.

If a repair is needed, service may take longer. We’ll give you an estimate for the time needed and the cost and get your go ahead before we make any repair.

With our service, your equipment is returned to the manufacturer’s specifications. Quick tip – Speed up your service time by fully charging the unit before sending it in for maintenance. Sending the unit covered in mud or other contaminants can also increase the time it takes for service.

Following the manufacturer’s regular maintenance schedules protects safety and helps extend the life of the product. Without maintenance, most instruments will stop working earlier than they should.

  • Oxygen sensors have a limited 2 year life expectancy and must be tested and replaced regularly.
  • Combustible gas, such as Methane, and Carbon Monoxide sensors can easily be poisoned by unassuming substances like cleaners and air fresheners, even when they are not in use.
  • Firmware is a critical component of your instrument and needs to be updated regularly, as it’s released.

Important: It’s a myth that gas detectors work better or faster when the filters are removed. These filters help to keep valuable pumps and mechanisms clean.

Sometimes maintenance is just not enough, and a repair is needed. Concept Controls will evaluate and give an estimate for what it costs to repair your equipment – or advise you if replacement is the better option. We’ll let you know if parts are available and can arrange for rental at reasonable rates if your equipment is unavailable. Our repair services are available on all gas detection, industrial hygiene, water monitoring and environmental equipment – even if you bought it somewhere else. Call today for more information on how Concept Controls can help with your maintenance, calibration and service needs.


NIST calibration services are widely recognized as the gold standard for calibration accuracy and reliability. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is a world-renowned organization that provides calibration services for a wide range of instruments and equipment used in various industries such as aerospace, automotive, medical, and more. NIST calibration services ensure that your equipment is accurately calibrated and meets the necessary standards for precision and accuracy. With a NIST calibration certificate, you can be confident that your instruments are performing at their best and producing accurate and reliable results.